Dignity Dental Services

DIGNITY DENTAL SERVICES educate teams for better outcomes

At Dignity Dental Services, Dr. Teryn Sedillo, DDS, FABSCD, is the only special care trained dentist in her state. She brings a site-specific educational approach to oral care for the staff members, caregivers, and students of medically complex and special needs patients.

Our Dental Education Lecture Series

Geriatrics/Special Care

  • Pathologic Aging
  • Taking care of a patient who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's illness
  • Patients with limited ADLs might benefit from practical accommodations
  • Individualized Care
  • Treatment planning to reduce the risk of fast oral health deterioration
  • Ethics of decisional capacity
  • Service animals versus emotional support animals as an adjunct behavioral support
  • Working with medical interpreters and assessing health literacy
  • Oral evaluation and polypharmacy's effects
  • Delivery systems for the compromised patient

Interprofessional Collaboration

  • Dental Optimization for the presurgical, oncologic, and transplant patient
  • OT/DDS
  • Desensitization Training
  • A social work collaboration
  • SDF
  • Delivery for training for the DNP
  • ER Physician
  • Dental crash course
  • Dentist's role in palliative care


Our workshops are tailored to your needs so that you are well aware of the procedures and able to offer the best dental care.

Why Choose Us

  • Accommodation clinics with cases
  • Use of augmented reality to help patients with cognitive decline and sensory pervasions
  • Assistance with ethical dilemmas in caring for the special needs patient
  • Help with case review for quality improvement
  • SWOT analysis to reframe challenging cases
  • Healthcare informatics for needs-based assessment model of care
  • Business innovation with contract and hybrid billing dental care delivery
  • Telehealth for triage and pipeline training as an emergency room diversion plan
  • Wellness workshop for the mindful dentist so that you can care for yourself along with the patients